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A grown-up child star returns home to her estranged functioning alcoholic father.

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Director Biography - Emilie Rae Ohanian Svensson

Emilie Rae Ohanian Svensson, a Swedish-Armenian-Norwegian-American, is an independent filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Growing up in Virginia, she discovered her passion for Directing at 15 years old in her high school Video Productions Class. 12 years later, her passion has only become more acute. After graduating University on the East Coast, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a Director. In five years, she's developed her skills from PA ,to 2nd AC, to 1AC, to DoP and eventually Director. She's had the privilege of shadowing Directors Jonas Akerlund and Marja Lewis-Ryan, and has acquired a mentor and life-long friend, DoP Par Ekberg.

Director Statement

I'm just another independent filmmaker trying to make it. Through my favorite genre of Dark Comedy, I always hope to laugh in the face of chaos. With this, I'm very grateful, and very proud of this short film, and our entire 'Los Angeless' anthology project. To all of my friends and family who've helped bring this into fruition, I love and thank you.

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