Traveling alone on a tropical cruise, gay Hank develops a strong friendship and an intense physical connection with Kurt, a bisexual man vacationing with his wife. Hank can’t help but wonder if this just a vacation fling, or if it’s a chance for both men to find true happiness.

In 1981, Bill Coors, Captain of Industry and brewing titan, was asked to give a speech on the topic of “success” to the graduating students of the American Academy of Achievement. 
His now iconic speech was groundbreaking at the time. It was a deeply personal account of how he had overcome debilitating stress and depression, which had plagued his family for generations. Despite suffering unimaginable personal tragedy, Bill sought out and found a holistic solution that enabled him to manage his anxiety effectively and empowered him to achieve great success. 
In an inspirational documentary that spans 101 years, Bill Coors shares his personal struggles growing up in a house without love that left him insecure and self-hating for much of his early life. 
The parallels between his experiences and what today’s youth face are staggering. Bill wants to impart his life lessons for personal success and his work to overcome mental health issues to all generations to come. 
Bill’s solutions all boil down to one simple truth, which he calls The 11th Commandment: Honor Thyself.

18 months after a Cataclysm has decimated North America, lone father Alex has settled with a pacifist community that has struggled to maintain a fragile cease-fire with a dangerous militia called the Firewalkers. In an act that threatens this stalemate, Alex leads a bold attempt to rescue a rare comatose survivor from captivity.

Lifelike is a science fiction web series that explores artificial intelligence in a post climate change world. This micro-budget production cleverly uses story and plot to transform the deserted streets of Downtown Los Angeles into a dystopia. The series centers on a group of friends bonded by their love of tech, hacking and making fun of each other. They stumble upon an unregistered, unclaimed, and extremely advanced android that appears to be running artificial intelligence software that makes them question everything they know about technology, the government, and their own self interests.

‘HActresses’ posits the question: Just how far do young actresses have to go to advance their career? In the wake of the horrific revelations about Harvey Weinstein, associates and other industry powerbrokers, this aspect of the HActresses storyline is timely and unfortunately all too familiar. In addition to exploring predatory male sexual behaviour, the series also explores the concept of female complicity in facilitating unsafe performance opportunities as both the girls' agent CHA CHA ROGERS and the casting director KIKI KRAMER organise and stand to profit from these castings. Unfortunately, this predatory behavior is also prevalent well beyond the confines of the entertainment industry.

The Santa Monica office of dating app Boink'r isn't your typical work environment. These hipster app gurus seem to know everything about relationships - except their own. The characters range from desperately co-dependent to nauseously narcissistic as they attempt to find meaningful connections of their own. It's what would happen if "Girls" integrated with "Workaholics." The series starts by following Summer Davis, an event planner, on her first day of work at Boink'r. Soon Summer finds herself in a love triangle, planning a large-scale mixer for the app's users, and possibly jobless when someone blackmails the company.

The Young Woman's Guide shares the wisdom and experiences of women ages 70 and older in hopes to inspire, encourage and help younger women through everyday life.

Nasty Habits is a collection of vignettes featuring characters partaking in addictive habits.

When lost-in-life Rosie, her best friend Tucker and their childhood friends reunite for a long weekend, they are all forced to confront their difficult life choices, uncertain futures and the friendships that may not last as long as they once thought.

The Feels follows the awkward and endearing Charlie, a bi illustrator and high school teacher trying to navigate adulthood and queerhood. Rather than present a traditional story arc, each episode of the show is more a series of tender human moments - a live-action comic strip, a daily dose of humanity.

Anna needs to blow off some steam, but things take a harrowing turn when she goes solo.

After a devastating global nuclear and chemical war Britain is divided into two: the war wasteland in the south and the surviving north. Thousands of refugees from the south are trying to migrate up north where civilised life is still possible.

In the vein of Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone, this short film pulled from a collection of anthology stories tackles a heartbroken woman who orders a lifelike android so she can have one last moment with the man she loves. Will she finally find the closure she has been looking for or will a major malfunction change her life forever?

It’s a big day for Joseph, his family is taking him on a trip to the Smile-Rite® toy factory for his twelfth birthday. 
And everybody knows that when you turn twelve, that’s when you become a man…

Trauma Industries is a science fiction film set in a 1950s propaganda inspired dystopia. Shot on 35mm, the film was made only using the techniques of the era.

When the last Citizen on the furthest outpost in space makes first contact with intelligent life, he's forced to not only protect humanity, but that which makes him human: love.

Pablo and Marius make a disturbing discovery about their childhood friend Lou: she appears to be able to synthesise into sound the light she is exposed to. But as she soon becomes an instrument of their musical experiences, her gift turns into a sort of curse…

Candidate Lamar Johnson played by Leon (Cool Runnings, Ali, Cliffhanger) is running for President of the United States on the campaign slogan: “Make America Black Again” with an all white campaign staff!

Three Ethnically Ambiguous best friends journey through Hollywood, and life. It comically and honestly takes a look at what its like to be ethnically inbetween.

Selena, a third-generation Columbia-American, attends a dinner party at her immigrant boyfriend's house.

Set in 1934, a black woman with mysterious abilities interviews to be the housekeeper to an eccentric white widow, but in order to get the job she must use her abilities in a way she didn't intend.

Creatively based on true events, Duality presents a birds’ eye view on mental illness in the homeless community and the never-ending challenge some face when protecting a loved one. Set in Los Angeles, the overarching views of the mountains, stellar topography and infinite beaches set the tone of unmatchable beauty. Within its beauty lies an ugly truth of a large community suffering and coping with the effects of PTSD and Bi-polar Disorder. This beautifully written-action based short film offers a glimpse into the lives of two women opposite in nature and their dealings with the effects of trauma, loss and hope.

A Boy and a Girl in the 1950's examine what it means when two people in a relationship are considered to be too close...

When Brooke makes a heartbreaking discovery, she turns to anything that will help cope with the pain of her reality

is a bawdy comedy about Joe Fletcher, a professional clown gigolo who sets out to exact his revenge on his former protégé and nemesis, Tommy Grey.

Dublin, April, 1916. 
Revolutionary; James Connolly; looks to Dublin printers, Molloy, O'Brien and Brady to turn out 2000 copies of an Irish Proclamation- in one night and in secret- to be read by Padraig Pearse at the GPO Easter Monday 24th April 1916. They don't have enough type. They don't have enough wax. They don't have enough paper. Can they do it?

*Based on the actual characters & events surrounding the secret printing of the first Irish Proclamation

A fantasy romance set in VA during the 1940's, 'Forever' tells the story of Beau Hayes and Monica Flatts, an interracial couple who have the limits of their love tested when they fall victim to a hate crime

There is something about the nanny...

A 60's vintage car on a beautiful countryside road. Inside, a sister and a brother alongside their grand mother and ... a funerary urn. 
They're on their way to spread the ashes of their late grand father.

A recurring dream has been haunting Valerio at night; disturbing his sleep. Both his parents recently died in a car accident and Valerio is preparing a memorial exhibition of his father’s work, a well recognized photographer.

Leo plays "cowboys and Indians" every day at home. Today, aged just five, he learned a new game.

Five pieces of life showing the path of a young man from childhood to his twenties, as he visits his imprisoned father with his mother

A crew of italian black boys are studying Shakespeare’s Othello to put it on stage, but when it comes the time to assign the main part…

When Brooke makes a heartbreaking discovery, she turns to anything that will help cope with the pain of her reality

An aging, closeted gay man with Alzheimer's struggles against his strong-willed daughter to hold on to the memory of his long lost lover. (OFFICIAL SELECTION AT CANNES COURT METRAGE)

After discovering his roommate’s suicide, Sandeep is drawn into an introspective journey steeped in Indian mythology and the strict gender binaries of their childhood.

Merle, a small-town simpleton still grieving over the loss of his mother, fills his days with a strange hobby: crashing strangers’ funerals. Most people look past the oddball behavior, but he picks the wrong wake to attend when he goes to the Thornburns’ house. It seems the death of a teenage boy is the unseen line he shouldn’t have crossed. 

Working at a funeral home run by pragmatic businessman Lew, Merle tries to get him to sell his homemade casket. Lew wants nothing to do with it. The death of another teenage boy, though, puts Merle’s project in between a grieving mother, a disgusted father, and an irate boss. And if things weren’t already charged enough, it turns out the two dead boys were more than just friends. Lew emphatically explains the trouble Merle has caused, forcing him to make a critical decision about the casket. The choice he makes surprises everyone, opening their eyes to accepting the singularity of life and death.

Gabi is tired of being 60, the age at which she began to be irrelevant.

This short is in many ways our response to that. To the fact that a female can't do anything as simple as running down the street without having to over-analyze every encounter along the way.

Mary along with her two daughters live in a remote village of Afghanistan, the only son and young man of her family is serving for military in Kunduz province. One day she hears the news of fall of Kunduz province to the hand of Taliban on radio, since the authorities have no news of her son, she decides to start her own journey to Kunduz to find her son.

A young woman in her thirties feels very happy and excited – she has a partner, everything in her life is under control, so now is the perfect time to have a baby. It should be easy and natural, with love and fun and everything else … right?


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