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After the election of a fascist, alt-right candidate to the highest office in the land, an interracial couple fights to protect their son in a dystopian nation divided by race.

Password: United2020

Director Statement - Marcus T. Thomas 

Our present political leadership has caused a greater sense of division amongst the American people. There is extreme polarization due to the labeling we partially self-inflict, but also those that others place upon us, as if it defines who we are. We are either: Democrat or Republican, Male or Female, Christian or Muslim, Straight or Gay, Black or White. There's little room for anyone in between, for those whose existence defies simple classification.

In the 2016 Primary Election, Voter Turnout was at a 20- year low -- just 55% cast ballots.

The Divisible is a project that aims to resuscitate apathetic voters, and incite action and conversation surrounding controversial issues that permeate our everyday lives: classism, racism, sexism, authoritarianism, and general sectarianism. If unaddressed, these concerns will only get worse.

Let us no longer hide the ugly scars of our past, but allow them to see the light of day, so that we can begin to heal through acknowledging our human faults, and learning how to treat one another with dignity, kindness and respect. It is our hope that we, as one race, the human race, can unite to help one another, rather than tear one another down -- and by doing so, end up helping ourselves.

Let's inspire each other to do better.

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